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Brandon is the founder and owner of Sweep Home Chicago. Originally from Indianapolis Indiana, he graduated from Indiana University in 2000 and moved to Chicago shortly thereafter. Now a resident of Chicago for over 12 years, Brandon is married and has 3 young children. Brandon is a very involved owner and makes himself accessible for all customer related issues whenever needed.

Top Cleaning Tips To Prepare For The Summer

Summer’s fast approaching, and many of us are, most probably, woefully unprepared. Let’s run through some tips, detailing how you can make sure you’re prepared for the summer to come.

A tidy mind means a tidy house

Let’s start from the inside. Let’s face it – the more wound up we are, the harder it is for us to take care of those all-important chores. We know that a tidy house means a tidy mind, but not all of us realize that the opposite it true. Meditate, listen to relaxing music, read a book… You’ll find it much easier to face the chores ahead of you.

Buy supplies

Often, people stock up for the winter, because it’s, “Too cold to go out”, but, in summer, we’re often too hot to go out! So do all the finicky bits now while the weather is just right! All the, “I need x amounts of this, y amounts of that”… Trust me – you’ll thank me later!

You can’t get anything clean if nothing’s tidy, so start […]

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Spring Cleaning Tips for Allergies

Days are getting longer and warmer, flowers are starting to bloom, and it’s officially springtime across the country. While spring takes a little longer to spring in Chicago, now is still a great time to start cleaning your living space of dirt and dust so you can enjoy the upcoming beautiful days.

Especially if you normally suffer from allergies, this is a crucial time to make your home spic ‘n span. Over the winter, despite your best efforts and intentions, allergens have been building up, and combining allergens inside the home with pollen outside the home can make gorgeous spring days miserable.

A little spring cleaning can go a long way. Here are some tips to help remove allergens from you home.

Evict Your Dust Mites

While dust mites are everywhere and you can never fully rid your home of them, over the winter, many of these miniscule creatures have been taking up residence in your blankets and comforters. While we can’t see these creatures, many of us are allergic to them. To […]

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7 House Cleaning Tips Every Dog Owner Needs to Know

As a dog owner, a top concern is managing the odor and stains that may come along with the everyday life of having a pet in your home. Many dog owners can have a difficult time removing the hair, odors, and germs from carpets and furniture.  The first thing to do whenever stains are spotted is to stay calm because there are many thoroughly tested cleaning solutions to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. The robotic vacuum cleaner:

This timeless invention does the cleaning for you. It is designed to remove any dirt and hair particles on your floor, including all those corners that are sometimes tough to reach. Convenient and systematic, this is a great way to remove such dirt particles effectively, while keeping up on maintenance cleaning between deep cleaning sessions. 

2.Lint Rollers:

If you have a problem with your dog hair all […]

Moving Out of Your Chicago Apartment: A Preparation Checklist

Moving can be a hassle no matter how you handle it, especially in a large city like Chicago. The act of packing up all your belongings and relocating to a new home can leave you profoundly exhausted and overwhelmed. If you’re hoping to get your security deposit back, you will need to be responsible and leave your apartment cleaner than it was when you first moved in.

Here is a simple checklist of things to do before you hand in your keys


When it comes to walls, be sure to do the following. Remove all staples, nails, hooks or screws. Patch any holes left behind. The walls should be wiped down with warm water or a magic eraser to get rid of tape residues, dirt or markings of any kind.


The bathroom should be properly cleaned to leave it free from dust, hair, mold, or toothpaste. Disinfect the sink, shower, tub and toilet with bleach or an all natural alternative like tea tree oil spray. Clean the mirrors […]

Tips For a Guest-Ready Home For The Holiday Season

The holiday seasons can mean a very festive and enjoyable time for family and friends; however, as much as it’s a time to unwind, kick back and relax, it can also prove to be the most stressful time of the year. Between scrambling to buy gifts for your family, setting up guest rooms for your out-of-town visitors, and preparing the holiday meals.

The holidays are a time to celebrate with family and friends. It’s a time for cooking, baking, gift-giving and making merry, yet many people obsess over the many cleaning tasks they’ve skipped throughout the year. Of course, you want your home to be a beacon of holiday cheer, but with shopping, running errands, work, and family obligations, keeping it clean can be an insurmountable task.

Tips for a Guest-Ready Home during the holiday season:

Focus on the Foyer

The foyer is the area people will see first upon entering your home, so it’s important to make a good first impression. Spruce up your entryway by wiping down your front door.Give that […]

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5 Simple Tips on How To Remove Holiday Wine Stains and Spills

Although wine is one of the most loved beverages around the globe, it can produce one of the most feared carpet and upholstery stains. What started off as a warm celebration with family and friends can turn into a major fabric or carpet fiasco. Before you think of seeking help from a professional, here are some simple tips for removing holiday wine stains and spills.

1. Salt

Coarse Salt is among the most preferred methods when it comes to wine stains removal. However, this method works better if applied within the first two minutes of spillage. Once a spill is made, apply a thick layer of salt over the stain. Ensure that you have covered the stain completely and let it sit for about one hour. The salt you have sprinkled over the stain will absorb it, and you can easily brush it afterward.

2. Club Soda

Another effective remedy is club soda. It is believed that soda’s carbonation have a stain removal agent. Pour your club soda over the stain on the […]

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5 Ways To Make House Cleaning More Fun

Let’s face it; there aren’t many people out there that love to clean. Sure there may be some few aspects of it that you enjoy- one of it being the end result.  But for the most part cleaning is not something that many of us really like doing. However, cleaning your house doesn’t have to be a miserable experience! With a few easy changes on how to go about it, it can be fun.

Here are five ways to make cleaning your home more fun, less stressful, and even entertaining.

1. Play Music

Whether you like soft music, loud music, classical music, pop music, listening to music can elevate your mood, give your brain something to do while cleaning the house and get your body moving. Cleaning can be monotonous but adding a little dancing, singing and twirling to it can put a pep in your step. So, don’t be afraid to turn on some upbeat, funky music before you start scrubbing that will make you want to dance, sing along, and get to […]

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Make your summer cleaning a breeze with these 10 easy tips

Summer’s here and to most people, home cleaning is the last thing on their minds. Summer’s the perfect time to take a lazy day in the sun or splash around in the pool with the kids. But if you let home cleaning chores pile up, you’ll only have more to do later. With these simple summer cleaning tips, you’ll quickly and efficiently keep your home clean and neat throughout the summer and be prepared for the transition of the seasons.


  1. During the summer do you ever feel like everywhere you turn, your children seem to be underfoot? And though it’s great to have them home more, with them come sticky hands, muddy shoes and various spills and spots. Why not recruit the little rascals to help in your fight against mess and support your quest to keep a clean summer home? Try turning cleaning into a game to make it fun, or emphasize the responsibility and trust you’re placing in them to motivate them to fulfill their tasks.
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    5 reasons to deep clean your house this summer

    House cleaning has many important benefits to you as a homeowner. After all, who doesn’t want to live in a house that is fresh and sparkling? However, many individuals, especially in Chicago, are often normally so busy during the day that they do can not find enough time to do house cleaning. Others, opt to hire home cleaning services to do house cleaning for them. Did you know the benefits of deep cleaning your house during summer? It is possible to deep clean your house this summer.

    Summer is a great time for renewal and recharging, with the sunshine, and often summer work hours. This tends to motivate many people and increase their energy. This is the perfect time to deep clean your house. The following are the reasons why you should deep clean your house this summer:

    1. More time

    Many people normally enjoy vacation time during summer. This means more free time from work or school. You can actually utilize this time to clean those areas that you have neglected for a month or years. This will make […]

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    What Makes Sweep Home Chicago’s Cleaning Services so Unique?

    Chicago House Cleaner IngredThe average salaried worker can spend up to one-third of their week tending to the obligations associated with their job. Additionally, a person has to sleep, eat, and care for others, which makes it feel virtually impossible to have enough time to keep their home clean. In other words, you are not at fault for having a home that is not spotless during your day-to-day life. In fact, the situation has transpired to the point that nearly two-thirds of homeowners in the United States openly admit that they would hire someone to clean their home.

    Revolutionizing the industry: As a family owned business we strive to be the exception to the cleaning industry, providing exceptional house and apartment cleaning services at an affordable price point. Before a client is given a price estimate, they fill out information regarding the number of rooms in their home, the circumstances of the cleaning, whether they have the cleaning supplies already, and […]

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