March 20 — the first day of Spring — has an undeniable appeal; chirping birds, blooming flowers, and laughing neighbor kids are a reminder of the new life that the season brings. Along with the mild weather of Spring comes a chance to renew our homes and our gardens with a little spring cleaning.

This year, focus on spring cleaning in a way that protects the environment, too. Use these green spring cleaning tips to revive your living space with minimal environmental impact.

10 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Environmentally Friendly

  1. Make your own towels: If you’re sick of sorting mismatched socks, get them out of the rotation by reusing them as rags. You can do the same for old tee shirts or stained bath towels to keep them out of a landfill. Another great option for producing a streak-free shine is to use old newspapers to dry surfaces after cleaning them.
  2. Kick the chemicals: Many of the most common household cleaners on the market are filled with chemicals that may kill germs, but […]