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5 Tips to Going Green and Cleaning Your Home the Healthy Way

Have you considered what’s in that bottle of cleaning solution you just purchased to clean your home? If you haven’t, perhaps you should consider going green. The majority of cleaning products are made from ingredients which can be harmful to your health and the environment. Let’s look at why you should incorporate more green cleaning into your routine for an eco-friendly solution to clean your home.

1.    Going Green is Better for Your Health and Your Home

If you read the fine print on the labels of many standard cleaners, many will say to wear gloves or avoid getting directly your skin. Some even tell you to call a poison control center if the product gets into your eyes or is ingested. So many of these products can give you chemical burns or may be dangerous even to just inhale them.

Some can absorb deeper into your skin and even get into your bloodstream. And, many cleaning products are petroleum based and are not only harmful […]

Using Sustainable Cleaning Habits and Products for a Green Future

Sustainable Cleaning - Green Commercial Cleaning Company ChicagoYou may already use “green” products when you clean, but the actual cleaning methods you use and the materials you use for cleaning may also be designed to reduce your family’s impact on the environment. You might be using a non-toxic cleaner to keep your kitchen spotless, but are you using half a roll of paper towels every time you clean up after a messy dinner?

Reusable Cleaning Tools You Need

If you’re serious about reducing your impact on the environment, eliminating all paper towels, plastic bags, and disposable cleaning tools is an important step in creating a sustainable environment in your home. Paper towels are handy for cleaning up messes, but they’re wasteful when compared to reusable cloths.

Repurposing Old Tools for Cleaning

Not everything is appropriate for the recycling bin, and several items that might otherwise end up in the trash can may actually find a second life as cleaning tools in your home. For example, […]

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Keeping the Family Safe with Green Home Cleaning Services in Chicago

Green Cleaning Services in ChicagoThe demands of your family, work, self, and home probably consume every day, and hiring green home cleaning services in Chicago might offer you a little extra time to relax or get things done that have been on the back burner for a while.

Green cleaning services means that the techniques and products used by your cleaning professionals don’t hurt the environment and that they’re also safe for use around your family. Today, most homeowners are aware that products containing noxious chemicals impact health and the environment, and they may also be responsible for contributing to global warming and climate change.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s comments on global warming:

Greenhouse gas emissions could cause a 1.8 to 6.3° Fahrenheit rise in temperature during the next century, if atmospheric levels are not reduced. Although this change may appear small, it could produce extreme weather events, such as droughts and floods; threaten coastal resources and wetlands by […]

How Do Cleaning Chemicals Impact Your Body?

Sweep Home Chicago Cleaning Services - Cleaning ChemicalsEveryone knows it’s important to limit exposure to the chemicals used in standard cleaning solutions since repeat exposure to certain chemicals can cause problems with asthma, skin irritation, and other health issues.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests that:

Cleaning products are necessary for maintaining attractive and healthful conditions in the home and workplace. In addition to the obvious aesthetic benefits of cleaning, the removal of dust, allergens, and infectious agents is crucial to maintaining a healthful indoor environment.

Unfortunately, the very chemicals used to rid the home of allergens and dirt may also cause other health and environmental problems.

The Impact on Children of Cleaning Chemicals

A clean environment reduces the likelihood of disease; however, the impact of chemical solutions on infants, toddlers, and children may be more severe than on adults. An article from advocacy group “Women’s Voices” reveals:

Children are often more vulnerable to chemicals because their organs and immune systems are […]

10 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Environmentally Friendly

March 20 — the first day of Spring — has an undeniable appeal; chirping birds, blooming flowers, and laughing neighbor kids are a reminder of the new life that the season brings. Along with the mild weather of Spring comes a chance to renew our homes and our gardens with a little spring cleaning.

This year, focus on spring cleaning in a way that protects the environment, too. Use these green spring cleaning tips to revive your living space with minimal environmental impact.

10 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Environmentally Friendly

  1. Make your own towels: If you’re sick of sorting mismatched socks, get them out of the rotation by reusing them as rags. You can do the same for old tee shirts or stained bath towels to keep them out of a landfill. Another great option for producing a streak-free shine is to use old newspapers to dry surfaces after cleaning them.
  2. Kick the chemicals: Many of the most common household cleaners on the market are filled with chemicals that may kill germs, but […]