*We use eco-friendly cleaning products safe for workers, family, children, and pets. 

Sanitize & Disinfect Your Home or Office 

CDC approved cleaning using foggers and electrostatic cleaning methods to keep safe work environments, keep people working, and keep Chicago's businesses going since 2005. 

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CDC Approved Cleaning Methods 

We follow CDC approved methods for sanitizing and disinfecting businesses and homes. We are reviewing the constantly changing situation to stay on top of all the latest news and data to keep our clients as safe as possible. We are using EPA registered disinfectants that are safe for the home and workplace

Office Buildings

Gyms and Fitness Facilities 


Apartment Building Common Areas 

Places of worship 

High Traffic Areas

Protect Your Environment w/ Sanitization Service Today. Call for a Free Quote. 

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Condo Association Common Areas 

Why Choose Sanitization Cleaning Services? 

You will receive an all around deep clean with special concentration on high touch areas 

Deep cleaning is often used before reintroduction to the office space 

We can provide ongoing sanitization service to continue to provide a safe work environment 

Emergency service for C-Virus response should there be a confirmed case in your workplace.

Sanitization Service Options

Traditional deep cleaning with special attention to high traffic areas

High-touch concentrated disinfection services 

Fogging disinfection service 

Electro-static disinfection services 

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Protect Your Environment w/ Sanitizing Service Today. Call for a Free Quote.

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Receive a Certificate of Cleaning to Display at Your Organization or Business

Your certificate of cleaning will be issued after service to display as a public sign of trust that you have done your absolute due diligence to keep the environment clean, safe, and free from virus and bacteria. This public display of trust is yours free of charge and included with your service