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Is Cleaning on Your New Year’s Resolution List for 2019?

You know how it goes. We always make a laundry list of things we want to do in the New Year. But, getting those things done is often easier said than done. If a better cleaning routine is on your...     Read more
Jan 14th, 2019
By Brandon Boyewsky

Tips to Keep Your Home Clean During Flu and Winter Season

As we head into winter, it also means cold and flu season. Every year, up to 20% of the US population gets the flu, while over 200 cold viruses make their rounds throughout homes across America. At a minimum, these...     Read more
Dec 20th, 2018
By Brandon Boyewsky

Micro-tips to Clean and Prepare for Thanksgiving Guests

So many of us look forward to the Thanksgiving holidays but dread all the work that comes with it. But, with these micro-tips, you can clean and prepare to host your Thanksgiving guests in a more relaxed fashion. We’ll show...     Read more
Nov 15th, 2018
By Brandon Boyewsky

Prepare for Fall and Winter With These Easy Cleaning Tips

Complete these chores now before the cold weather settles in. Summer is coming to an end here in Chicago, and fall is just around the corner. As the leaves begin their descent, it signals that old man winter will soon...     Read more
Oct 09th, 2018
By Brandon Boyewsky

Best Techniques to Clean Your Carpet

Prolong the life of your carpet with these easy care tips. If you think about it, the carpet of your home is probably the most used part of your house. Your family walks on it every day and as a...     Read more
Sep 18th, 2018
By Brandon Boyewsky

Cleaning with Pets in the House

Simple tips to make it easier to keep your home clean when you have furry friends. We all love our dogs and cats so much that we consider them part of the family. However, it can be a little bit...     Read more
Aug 13th, 2018
By Brandon Boyewsky

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