2019 Room by Room Checklist to Spring Clean Your Chicago Home

May 17th, 2019
By Brandon Boyewsky

Spring is here and there’s no better way to greet the season than to spring clean your Chicago home. The long, cold days are gone for a few months and warm, sunny days are ahead.

When the sun streams through the windows in our homes, the last thing we want to see is all the dirt and dust that accumulated during the winter. It’s a wonderful feeling when our home sparkles the way it does after a thorough spring cleaning.

When cleaning your home, you may want to consider green cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly. Let’s get to work and make it happen.

Here’s our 2019 room by room checklist to spring clean your Chicago home.

The Basics (Every room)

  •      Declutter and donate unwanted items.
  •      Wipe down walls and baseboards.
  •      Wipe knobs, switchplates, and light fixtures.
  •     Deep clean floors and carpets.
  •      Wash all curtains and wipe down or soak blinds.
  •      Touch-up where areas of paint are needed.
  •      Replace batteries on smoke detectors.

Entry Ways

  •      Clean/wash or replace rugs and mats.
  •      Wipe down and organize coat closet or stand.
  •      Devote extra time to cleaning walls and floors in this area due to heavier traffic.

The Kitchen

  •      Remove everything from cupboards and drawers.
  •      Clean and wipe down shelves and drawers. Replace liners if needed.
  •      Clean, organize, and put items back in cabinets and drawers.
  •      Remove items from the pantry, clean shelves, and organize items when putting back.
  •      Wipe down the outsides of all cabinets and counters.
  •     Clean out refrigerator by throwing out old items, wiping down shelves and condiment bottles, etc. before returning them.
  •      Clean refrigerator coils.
  •      Clean stove, oven, and microwave.
  •      Clean grout by working in a little baking soda mixed with vinegar and wiping with a clean, damp cloth, then drying.
  •      Reseal grout on counters and tile floors where needed.

Dining Room

  •      If you have a buffet or dining cabinet, remove dishes and other items. Wipe down shelves, clean dishes, then return, organizing as you go along.
  •      Clean all wood furniture (dining room table, chairs, outside of cabinet) with an appropriate wood cleaner.

Living Room

  •      Wash pillows and throws.
  •      Wipe clean DVD cases, clean out and organize storage cabinets.
  •      Clean remote controls and other handheld devices.
  •      Clean furniture with appropriate cleaners.
  •      Use a wood cleaner on all wood tables and other furniture.


  •      Clean out and organize linen and medicine cabinets.
  •      Clean shower heads.
  •      Replace or clean shower curtain (clean in washing machine if washable fabric).
  •      Clean sink, tub, and toilet.
  •      Clean grout with a baking soda and vinegar mix, then wipe clean. Replace or rework grout if necessary.


  •      Organize clothes and shoes in closets and dressers.
  •      Wash all pillow shams, blankets, bed skirts, and sheets.
  •      Wash or replace pillows.
  •      Rotate mattress and vacuum between mattress and boxspring.
  •      Clean all wood with an appropriate wood cleaner.

Laundry Room

Remove items from shelves and wipe down shelves, bottles, etc..

Clean exterior of washing machine and dryer.

Wipe down the interior of washer and dryer.

Clean lint from the dryer and make sure exhaust vent is unclogged (get it serviced if you need to prevent a fire).

Garage and Basement Areas

  •      Declutter and organize if you haven’t already done so.
  •      Sweep and clean floors.

There you have it. To get a head start, spring clean your Chicago home as early as possible so you can enjoy the warm, sunny months ahead. There’s no need to feel the pressure to do it all in one day. Try cleaning just one room at a time so it’s not overwhelming. This checklist also works great for moving into a new apartment!

Or, better yet, hire a cleaning company in The Windy City to get it all done for you. It’ll be worth it to take the load off so you can better enjoy the crisp, cool days of the spring season.

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