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Tips for Cleaning Outdoor Furniture, Grills, and Other Common Summer Items

Summer is here in Chicago and that means tons of fun for the whole family. It also means you’ll be getting lots of use out of your outdoor furniture, grills, and other items you use frequently during the summer. You’ll...     Read more
Jul 15th, 2019
By Brandon Boyewsky

Top Five Summer Stains and How to Clean Them

Our easy tips make it easier to clean stubborn stains while still enjoying the long days of summer. Summertime is filled with lots of great fun where we get to enjoy our favorite warm-weather activities and foods. Unfortunately, a few...     Read more
Jul 13th, 2018
By Brandon Boyewsky
how to treat top summer stains: grass, ice cream, mud and more

Top Summer Stains & Tips to Remove Them

Summer is filled with green grass, dairy products, ice cream and mud too, but these joys can easily translate into nasty and hard to remove stains on your clothing. Below are a few common summer stains and tips on how...     Read more
Jul 09th, 2017
By Brandon Boyewsky
Moving Out of Your Chicago Apartment: A Preparation Checklist

Moving Out of Your Chicago Apartment: A Preparation Checklist

Moving can be a hassle no matter how you handle it, especially in a large city like Chicago. The act of packing up all your belongings and relocating to a new home can leave you profoundly exhausted and overwhelmed. If...     Read more
Jan 05th, 2017
By Brandon Boyewsky
Summer Cleaning Tips

Make your summer cleaning a breeze with these 10 easy tips

Summer’s here and to most people, home cleaning is the last thing on their minds. Summer’s the perfect time to take a lazy day in the sun or splash around in the pool with the kids. But if you let...     Read more
Jul 29th, 2016
By Brandon Boyewsky
Deep Cleaning Home - Toddler cleaning kitchen

5 reasons to deep clean your house this summer

House cleaning has many important benefits to you as a homeowner. After all, who doesn’t want to live in a house that is fresh and sparkling? However, many individuals, especially in Chicago, are often normally so busy during the day that they do...     Read more
Jul 04th, 2016
By Brandon Boyewsky
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