Top Summer Stains & Tips to Remove Them

July 09th, 2017
By Brandon Boyewsky

Summer is filled with green grass, dairy products, ice cream and mud too, but these joys can easily translate into nasty and hard to remove stains on your clothing. Below are a few common summer stains and tips on how to remove them safely.

Grass stains

Soak your clothes in laundry product with enzymes and cold water for at least 30 minutes. Wash them after that in the washing machine as usual

Note: Avoid using hot water to remove these kinds of stains on clothes as it will result in the protein digestion and coagulating making it even harder to remove (ie: The stains will set)

Ice cream and dairy products stains

Before washing, the fresh stains on clothes should be soaked in cold water. If the stains have dried, brush and scrape them off to remove any crustier particles. Soak them in cold water with detergent for several hours. Later on, wash in warm water in the washing machine as usual. If the stains are still intact, soak the clothing for another half an hour then rewash them.  A bleaching product may be necessary to remove the final colored stains on light colored garments.

Fruits and juice stains

Wash the stained clothes with the hottest water safe for the fabric. Remember not to use bar soap or detergents containing natural soap as the products that are soap-based can cause the stain to set-in. Soak clothes like jeans in warm or hot water with a teaspoonful of a pre-soaking enzyme detergent for half an hour. You can Remove the set stains using a bleaching agent if it is safe for that product.

Mud stains

Let the mud spots on your clothes dry first. Then brush them to remove the soil. Soak your clothes in a liquid detergent solution, one-quart of warm water, and one spoonful of vinegar for ten minutes. Rinse with warm or cold water and leave it setting out for a few seconds. If the stain remains, sponge it using alcohol and then wash it off with clear water. You could also soak the soiled clothes in a pre-soaking enzyme detergent for half an hour, and load them into a laundry machine. You can add a bleaching agent if it is safe for the material.

Tomato sauce and barbecue sauce stains

Soak the dirty clothes in cold water along with one spoonful of white vinegar and half a spoon of liquid cloth washing detergent. Rinse it with cold or warm water and if the stain persists, then using a pre-wash stain remover is recommended. You can use any powdered detergent or liquid laundry detergent to pre-treat the affected area before washing. Then wash it in warm water and air dry it.


Fresh stains are easier to treat, so when you can make haste and put the above tactics into motion, doing so sooner rather than later will lead to a higher level of success. So make sure the stains are washed as soon as they occur or just soak the clothes to soften the stain. Good luck treating your summer stains!



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