5 Easy Summer Cleaning Tips For Your Home

May 28th, 2017
By Brandon Boyewsky

Cleaning your house is all about rejuvenating your space and giving it a tidy look and a fresh feel. Spring, summer, autumn and winter; each season is distinct and has some special cleaning requirements. The following are 5 Easy Summer Cleaning Tips for Your Home to stay fresh and tidy between Sweep Home Chicago deep cleaning sessions.


1. Involve the whole family in a quick and easy daily cleaning routine. 

Sometimes we may end up spending the whole day on cleaning. Easy maintenance summer cleaning may take just 5 min by involving the whole family. Ensure that every member of the family has simple and quick task to perform. The tasks may include wiping down the counters, sweeping the floor, or putting away the dishes.


2. Prevent messes from outdoor from coming inside. 

Most of the time we get out of our houses during summer, we bring in some dirt like grass and sopping wet clothes, sand, and grass. To avoid bringing dirt from the outside in, put a heavy-duty mat in all the exterior doors and it will trap all the grass and sand from your shoes and feet. You may also a towel to wrap if you and your family spend your time in the ocean, sprinklers or pool.


3. Ease putting away of clutter.

When you spend summer with your kids, it means that there will be more clutter. Buy some bins, shelving for toys, and trash cans that kids will use to dispose of clutter. Use the big summer clean as the perfect time to de-clutter your home, removing all those items which have sat collecting dust on your shelves or in your cupboards and aren’t going to be used again, along with any summer clothes which no longer fit or you want.


4. Keep bathrooms dry.

It’s essential to keep bathrooms dry, especially during winter. Mildew and Mold can grow extra fast with the humid and warm conditions, hence ensure to keep your bathroom and laundry dry at all the time. Also, make sure that the fans are running while in the shower and keep both the door and window open after a shower.


5. Ensure that you have quick cleaning items on hand. 

The biggest thing that can hinder you from cleaning your house is having huge cleaning tools or tools that are cumbersome to use. When it’s hot and humid, use something that is simple and light. This includes cleaning wipes, a light-weight cordless vacuum and light-weight easy to use mop with disposable replacement heads on hand.



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