Common Cleaning Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

June 23rd, 2014
By Brandon Boyewsky

Chicago Cleaning Services - cleaning mistakesThere’s a wrong way and a right way to clean a spill from a carpet, but many homeowners don’t realize this and spend far more time trying to clean up a simple spill than is necessary. Little mistakes in cleaning can cost a lot of time, which is in short supply for most people today.

In addition to offering a swifter way to get the cleaning done, avoiding cleaning mistakes also ensures items around your home last as long as they’re supposed to. For example, cleaning a carpet the correct way reduces the likelihood that the carpet fibers would get destroyed and would help the carpet look cleaner longer.

Professional cleaning crews know all about these mistakes and are able to do their job in record time because they’re savvy about how mistakes can make cleaning a bigger hassle. To help you clean like the pros, here are some common mistakes you might be making when you clean your home.

Going Wild with Products

You probably already know that using certain chemicals to clean should happen sparingly or not at all, but using too much of a product – even if it’s harmless – isn’t the best way to clean, either. The biggest issue you might face with an abundance of product is a surface that becomes covered in residue and chemical buildup.

According to an article on cleaning mistakes by “Woman’s Day” on excess product use:

The amount you should use will be indicated on the label—stick with the recommendation and save money by not using more than you really need.

Another issue on which “Woman’s Day” offers some smart advice concerns the type of products you use. One of the biggest misconceptions regarding cleaning products is that anything that comes in a bottle that’s meant for cleaning is a disinfectant.

However, reading the label is the only way to tell for sure whether a product contains disinfectant:

Unless the cleaning product has an EPA registration number in tiny print on the label (it will say something like EPA Reg No. 123), it’s not a disinfectant. Read the label, and more importantly, follow the directions.

Learning the Dwell Time

In addition, disinfectants also usually need to remain on a surface for an amount of time that’s listed on the bottle. “Prevention” magazine suggests:

Disinfecting agents need this “dwell” or “contact” time to maximize their ability to kill bacteria and other microscopic organisms.

Some stains might even require a few days of cleaner application to do the job. You’ll want to look at the “dwell time” that’s listed on the label, which will tell you how long you need to allow the disinfectant to remain on the surface in order to get the full effect of the cleaning agent.

Safety Tips for Cleaning

In addition to mistakes made during simple cleaning projects, there are also some cleaning mistakes related to your health that you need to avoid so that keeping your home clean doesn’t harm your health.

Remember these vital tips the next time you get the mop, broom, and rags ready for cleaning:

  • Never mix chemical cleansers
  • Use extreme caution when employing ladders to clean
  • Avoid wet surfaces after cleaning
  • Follow all labels on your cleaning products

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