3 Surprisingly Efficient Cleaning Tips

April 21st, 2014
By Brandon Boyewsky

Vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing… most homeowners and apartment dwellers don’t like to spend all day cleaning, but that’s exactly what happens after a few weeks of dust and dirt accumulation. However, that’s no reason to let things build up for a month.

Don’t avoid those little cleaning touch-ups that will keep your home looking fresh and smelling nice. Consider the following efficient cleaning tips to keep the dirt at bay.

1. Reduce the Tempo of your Vacuum

Sometimes you’ll want to get the vacuuming done as soon as possible, and this means raking the vacuum swiftly over the carpet to pick up any noticeable dirt and debris. However, consider the advice of The Carpet and Rug Institute. Called “slow motion vacuuming” by professional cleaners, you’ll pick up more dirt if you move the vacuum slowly… very slowly.

Create a little overlap as you vacuum so that you hit each spot at least twice. Dust and dirt will never have a chance to cause stains and imperfections if you vacuum slowly and completely. You’ll spend far less time in the future trying to get stubborn stains out of the carpet.

Tip: Don’t dust the blinds before you vacuum the carpet. Half the dirt and dust on those blinds will just end up on the carpet anyway after you clean them! It’s best to clean the blinds first and then vacuum up any extra dust that falls.

2. Quickly Clean Mirrors and Glass without Chemicals

Grab a microfiber cloth and a spray bottle of water for glass and windows. Professional organizer Donna Kuper swears by this simple combo. Paper towels and cleaners often leave streaks. A cloth and some water will make those surfaces shine without the extra hassle of wiping away tiny pieces of paper towel and little smudges from a chemical cleaner.

This method also works for stainless steel appliances covered in annoying fingerprints and smudges. Using a microfiber cloth is also excellent for the environment and less expensive than using a whole roll of paper towels.

Tip: Don’t forget the light bulbs! Dust accumulates and dims your beautiful lamps. Take a cloth to those bulbs and brighten the room.

3. Raid your pantry for stubborn stains and spots

Sometimes a glass of water and a microfiber cloth won’t get you anywhere. But you don’t need to break out the industrial cleaner just yet. There’s a good chance there’s an item in your home that will get rid of a tough stain. The Nest suggests these simple household items that can be used for cleaning, as well as their original intended use:

  • Shaving cream gets rid of carpet stains. Don’t use gel, use foam!
  • Ice cubes make mincemeat of gum in your carpet.
  • Get rid of fingerprints with some absorbent white bread.
  • Use a can of Coke to get rid of burn stains on pots

Cleaning is a necessary evil of living just about anywhere. Whether you live in a house, an apartment, or the loft of a converted barn, don’t spend more time cleaning than is needed.

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