Futuristic Cleaning Machines

April 29th, 2014
By Brandon Boyewsky

An extraordinary number of inventions are patented each year to help people clean their homes faster, and companies are on a continuous hunt for new cleaning solutions that will eliminate dust and dirt from just about any surface. Although we’re not yet to the point where human-sized robots walk around the house to get the weekly cleaning handled, that day might not be too far in the future! Some futuristic cleaning machines are already cleaning big messes in homes around the world.

Homes of the Future

A fascinating article from British newspaper “The Daily Mail,” suggests that many incredible technologies might be headed to the average home in the next several years and could become commonplace by the year 2050.

The article suggested that a large underground network of pipes would exist under the city where “rubbish” (that’s the UK word for trash) would travel after heading down a chute inside the home. Rather than garbage trucks heading around town to pick up barrels of trash, homeowners would toss bags into the chute where the waste would head out for recycling and processing.

Other technologies listed in the article included:

  • Self-cleaning countertops
  • Ultrasonic, soap-free showers
  • Carbon dioxide capture for fuel

Interestingly, many of the technologies boasted by the article aren’t incredibly futuristic and cities could implement features like advanced garbage chutes by using inventions already in use in the world today. Read more about the house of the future here.

The Future of Cleaning Products

In an article published by Household and Personal Products Industry Magazine (HAPPI), the “Cleaning Products 2013” event showed some incredible new technologies that promised to shake up the world of cleaning.

One of the reasons for the research on new technologies has been the expectation of longer life spans in the future. An expert at “Cleaning Products” told HAPPI that people of the future would need to work longer and retire later because of longer lives, so robots would become incredibly useful for cleaning.

According to the article:

“Consumers are getting older around the world as well, according to Rosenberg, who noted that 50% of babies born in industrialized nations after 2000 will live to be 100 and will have to work longer too. Therefore, they will be looking for help around the home, which explains why sales of household robots, such as Roomba, are expected to double by 2015 to approximately 3 million units.”

Read more about the future of cleaning around the world here.

Getting Closer to “The Jetsons”

Anyone who’s ever watched an episode of “The Jetsons” would probably jump at the chance to drive around in a flying car that could fold up into a tiny briefcase, but that technology seems like something that won’t be around for centuries, if at all.

However, we’re getting closer to one of the neat inventions in that series: cleaning robots. According to a post on tech blog “Gizmodo,” several robotic vacuums already offer quick and simple solutions for cleaning floors. For example, there’s the “Mint Plus,” which Gizmodo describes as a robotic broom.

Consumers also have the option to buy the Neato Robotics XV-12, which Gizmodo humorously refers to as a “vacuum tank” or the iRobot Roomba 770, which Gizmodo describes as capable of “serious cleaning.”

Read more about these awesome automatic vacuum cleaners here.

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