Home Office Cleaning Tips

October 07th, 2015
By Brandon Boyewsky

It has been proven time and again that we’re at our most productive in a mess-free zone. For those of us who work from home on a weekly or even daily basis, having a clean and tidy work environment can be vital. Here are some cleaning tips for tidying up your workspace to increase your productivity.

• De-clutter. Eliminate everything you don’t need from your line of sight to create a calm environment. Store books, magazines, and paperwork in file cabinets, and put all other non-essential items in a drawer.

• Be strategic. Organize your desk based on the frequency with which you use certain items. Keep important things—a pen, notebook, stapler—within arms reach, and store bulk items, such as extra copy paper, out of sight.

• Organizers are key. When you’ve determined where everything should go, purchase organizers for your desktop and drawers, and shelving or cabinets for larger items. If everything has a place, you will be less likely to haphazardly throw items in drawers or make unsightly piles on your desk.

• Disinfect. Office spaces are prime locations for harboring germs and dirt. Almost everything in your office will come in contact with your hands, which makes the transfer of germs inevitable. Keep a package of disinfecting wipes nearby and regularly wipe down your desk surface, computer monitor, keyboard, mouse, phone, and other frequently used items to keep germs at bay.

It can be hard to maintain a proper office cleaning schedule when there is so much other work to be done. For some extra office TLC, enlist the professional cleaning services of Sweep Home Chicago.

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