How To Clean Windows Quickly and Efficiently At Home

November 20th, 2013
By Brandon Boyewsky

Washing your own windows can be intimidating. However, with a little bit of know-how and a little time, you can learn how to clean windows by yourself without much fuss. We’ve collected some tips on how to make washing your windows easy.

How To Clean Windows and Windows Screens

How to Wash Windows

The best tool you can use for cleaning windows at home is a squeegee. The Family Handyman has a great article about what sort of squeegee to use and how to use it to get the job done right:

“Try washing windows with a squeegee and I bet you’ll never go back to a spray bottle and paper towels. Squeegees get your glass clear and streak free in a fraction of the time it takes with paper towels.”

Tips For Cleaning Windows

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has a wonderful set of tips to help you get a streak-free shine on your home’s windows. They also recommend using microfiber towels, but caution against using fabric softener during their laundering. Their tips include avoiding cleaning windows in direct sunlight and washing in different directions for the inside and outside of your windows, among other advice:

“Choose a time when you feel good and energetic to do windows, you will feel better and the job will go faster.”

Battle of the Homemade Glass Cleaners

Making your own glass cleaner at home can save you money and be safer for the environment, too. This article put four different home made window cleaning solutions made from common household ingredients to the test. All four formulas worked at least somewhat, but two of the four received rave reviews. The winner, Alvin Corn Homemade Glass Cleaner, performed very well indeed:

“Okay. So this stuff, it makes your mirrors look like they were just born. Fresh from the mirror womb. Seriously. I haven’t met a Windex or Glass Plus that could produce this kind of streak-free, clean and clear shine.”

Cleaning Window Screens

No matter how shiny you might get the glass on your windows, they won’t be pristine with dirty screens in the way. Removing screens to clean them is something many people avoid doing because the procedure seems more difficult than it is. Mrs. Clean of Seattle, Washington has a great article debunking this myth. She goes on to give a step-by-step process for cleaning both small and large window screens, and even gives a home made cleaning solution formula.

“Cleaning window screens is not the hassle you may think. Probably the worst part is removing the screens from the window frame. That’s why people leave them up all year. Organize the screens by size – if they are small enough, they will fit easily in the tub or shower. Larger screens may be left outside, leaned up against an exterior wall close to a garden hose for rinsing.”

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