Need Help Around the House? Time to Hire a Cleaning Service.

October 28th, 2011
By Brandon Boyewsky

Hiring a professional service for scheduled cleaning can provide help around the house for people who just don’t have the time or energy to perform necessary upkeep themselves. However, while this type of service can be very useful it does not fit everyone’s needs or budget.

Even though scheduled service may not fit the needs of one and all, there are many events over the course of a year which necessitate a spotless, sparkling appearance. Engaging Chicago cleaning service for important events can save time, cut down on stress, and can present property in the best way possible.

The following are 5 instances when hiring a cleaning service is especially beneficial:


In any move, the “to-do” lists and stress levels run extra high. With so much on your plate, taking the time to scrupulously clean your home for the next tenant can be a daunting task. A professional service will be able to devote the attention to detail that you may not have the time for, which becomes an excellent investment to make sure you get that deposit back! In the same way, it can be difficult to make time to clean prior to moving into a new home. Move-in cleaning services offer wide variety of house cleaning solutions that ensure a sanitized, clean, and sparkling new home.

Post Construction/Renovation

Any major construction or renovation project can unsettle the tidiness of a home or office. Dust particles can appear everywhere, junk and debris are scattered far and wide, and dirt is often tracked all over as work proceeds. Hiring post-construction cleaning services takes the burden off your shoulders and ensures that you will quickly be enjoying a spotless living or work space

Spring Cleaning

A long winter of hibernation can also mean an accumulation of dust, dirt and grime. Spring is a time for rejuvenation, and hiring a professional service to help around the house can leave you feeling renewed, while saving you time and toil. While spring cleaning alone may take days or weeks, within hours, a professional cleaning service can do the job, even on those tasks you absolutely hate, like cleaning the oven interior.

Pre-Event, Post-Event

Hosting events and parties can be a lot of fun, but the stress involved in the preparations can put a damper on your enjoyment of the occasion. Eliminating a major step by allowing professional cleaners to help around the house and make your space sparkle will allow your focus to remain where you need it to be; hosting and having fun! Post-event clean up can also require a good deal of unwanted work. Cleaning services can assist here as well, by quickly and efficiently restoring your home to a pre-party shine.

Prior to a Home Sale

An important aspect to selling a home is making sure it is properly prepped. This not only helps a home sell faster, but increases the likelihood that you receive optimum value for your home. Especially in a buyers market it is crucial that no potential advantages are overlooked. Booking a cleaning service will ensure that your home is looking its best when the time comes for an open house or series of showings.
The above examples not only display the value of professional cleaning services in terms of time, energy and stress saved, they also show how a thorough, deep clean by experienced professionals can be an investment which saves you money. Presentation can be key; whether selling a home, restoring an office space to working condition after construction, or making an excellent impression while hosting a party or function.

If scheduled appointments aren’t for you, Chicago cleaning can be your strategic source for timely cleaning services.

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