Spring Cleaning Checklist: Overlooked Tasks

May 22nd, 2012
By Brandon Boyewsky

Making a spring cleaning checklist is a great way to keep your home clean and de-clutter after a long winter. There are many obvious things to include on the list, like cleaning the basement, or giving everything an overall wipe down, but remembering a few often overlooked spots can really spruce up to corners of your home.

Preparing a spring cleaning checklist:

  • Discard expired cosmetics and medications:
    The rule of thumb for removal of each product is: three months for mascara, a year for creams and liquids, and powders after two years. While it may be tempting to simply flush medications down the toilet, this can be incredibly harmful to our water supplies. Instead, contact your local household hazardous waste collection center or similar local authority to determine how to properly dispose of certain medications. The FDA has published a list of medications that are considered be safe to flush.
  • Dust books and shelves:
    Remove any items off the shelves, and then brush your shelves and books with a feather duster. Leather-bound books can be sensitive to solvents and moisture, so it is best to remove dust with a clean, soft cloth. Dust and allergens can often collect on shelves and books, so dustings inclusion in a spring cleaning checklist is a good way to increase your family’s health.
  • Vacuum and wipe down walls and ceilings:
    People often forget how well washing your walls and the ceiling works to keep your home clean and make it shine. However, washing walls can be harmful to some types of paint, so try to determine the water resistance of all paint and wall coverings before a wash down is performed. Most latex and oil-based paints are considered safe to wash.
  • Wax non-wood floors:
    If your vinyl or linoleum floors have lost their shine, they should be waxed with a polish. Most stone and tile floors can be treated with either a paste or a liquid wax designed for the material. Before applying any polish make sure to clean and remove any old wax buildup.
  • Clean wall-to-wall carpets, area rugs and upholstery:
    A shampoo or steam-clean method can remove old stains, odors, allergens and general grime. Investing in a home steam cleaner can be good if your environment (children and/or pets are present) necessitates more frequent cleanings. Renting a steam cleaner is generally simple and cost effective as well.
  • Wash window treatments:
    Window treatments can gather dust and grime over time. Draperies and curtains are often safe to put in a washing machine, but fabric shades may need to be dry cleaned. Wooden blinds should be wiped with a damp cloth. Metal and vinyl blinds require warm water mixed with a mild dishwashing liquid.
  • Organize the closet:
    Lock away those winter clothes and replace them with the warm-weather clothes you really want to wear! Once a year it is also good to evaluate the clothes in your closet to see if there is anything you do not wear anymore. Gather all unwanted items and bring them to a clothing swap, a charitable organization, or have a yard sale.
  • Dust and clean all wall art:
    Be careful when cleaning framed art and photographs. Never spray cleaner or water onto the frame. The liquid can seep behind the glass and damage the pictures. Instead lightly wet a clean cloth to wipe the frame and glass.
  • Organize Documents:
    It is easy for paper documents like financial statements, medical records, receipts, recipes, utility bills, pay stubs, warranties and more, to build up over time. It is tough to know where to store them, and when to dispose of each type of document. Thus, they can turn into a disorganized mess. Most important documents fall into one of the following six categories: Home and property records, health records, financial records, utility records, and personal records. Check around the house for any paper documents and sort them all according to each type. Using a small filing cabinet with labeled folders can make them easily accessible and maintain order. Eliminating outdated and archaic documents can free up space and eliminate clutter, but be careful not to go crazy with the shredder as some documents, like income tax returns and legal documents, should be kept for life.

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