Spring Cleaning Tips

April 19th, 2011
By Brandon Boyewsky

The coming of spring is like a breath of fresh air. However, to fully enjoy breathing well inside and outside our homes, we have to take care of all the dust and dirt that may have accumulated during winter. This is where spring cleaning comes in.

There are many cleaning services Chicago companies around, but before you go ahead and call them, you may be interested to know that a little self-help could save you a lot on these services.

If you don’t live in a mansion and you can spare time to do some work yourself, then you might find these spring cleaning tips very useful:

Wall Cleaning Tips

You don’t have to buy expensive wall cleaners to clean your walls. Just mix some ammonia, white vinegar, and some baking soda into a gallon of warm water, and you can have an instant all-natural and environment-friendly wall cleaner.

Spray water on outside walls or use a washing brush with it to remove stubborn dirt that cling to crevices and cracks.

Window Cleaning Tips

Ammonia and vinegar can be mixed with water and used for wiping windows clean. Diluted alcohol on cloth is also another neat trick you can use to keep those window sills clean.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Alcohol is also very useful inside the bathroom as it can be used to remove spots from fixtures and on mirrors. Another common household item that can serve a surprising role in bathroom cleaning is kerosene. Kerosene is very effective in removing rusty tile marks.

If you are dealing with stubborn stains on porcelain surfaces, like on sinks and bathtubs, using lighter fluid can solve that problem for you.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Use the same items above on the tile or porcelain surfaces found in your kitchen. As for odor control, like inside your refrigerator, use baking powder to absorb bad odors.

Wooden Floor Cleaning Tips

If you do not want to buy floor cleaners from cleaning services Chicago companies, you can make your own. All it takes is some vinegar (1/2 cup) mixed into a gallon of warm water, and you have an instant floor cleaner. Wipe this mixture on the floor and then rub with a cloth.

Wooden floors are always under threat from grit which when trodden upon can cause scratches. It is, therefore, very important to ensure that footwear are cleaned of dust and grit. This can be done by frequently cleaning the mats outside the door and mopping or sweeping the floors.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

To keep carpets and rugs free from dust and dirt, always vacuum frequently. When it comes to soil on the carpet, loosen them first by sprinkling a little water on them. You can deal with stains by using household items like corn starch, baking soda. Sprinkling these over the stain and leaving it for a few hours can remove the stain.

Making a house livable again after long periods of use requires a lot of work and dedication on the homeowner’s part. If you feel that you cannot find the time to do the spring cleaning yourself, then it would be best to just leave the job to cleaning services Chicago experts.

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