Stop Pollen Allergy; Stop “Bee-having”

June 11th, 2011
By Brandon Boyewsky

Been BEEhaving badly?

If you suffer from allergies, and cleaning pollen from your apartment in Chicago is the only thing you can think of for the moment, then here’s a tip—stop acting like a bee.

Bees hop from flower to flower drinking nectar and unwittingly collect and spread pollen around. You are like a bee. You unknowingly collect pollen as you walk around and deposit them in your home or apartment.

If you want to put an end to watery eyes, runny noses, and all that sneezing, then your best apartment cleaning Chicago strategy right now is to nip this BEEhavior in the bud.

This means you have to try to dust or shake off as much pollen from your clothes before you enter your house. When the pollen are abundant because of the season, wash your clothes immediately.

Washing your hair is an effective way of cleaning pollen from your house as the hair is a very good vehicle for spreading them around, especially the bed.

These steps are pretty effective for your
apartment cleaning Chicago operation against pollen, but won’t make your home pollen-free without a few additional measures.

You have to be aware also of the fact that pollen does get blown in through the doors, windows, air ducts, and furnaces.

Below are several more tips to help you in cleaning pollen from your apartment or home:

  1. Seal the house.
    That means closing the doors and windows where pollen enters. Such a measure may force you to use more energy for cooling your apartment or home, but sometimes you have to sacrifice to preserve your health—especially during severe allergic reactions to pollen.
  2. Use air filters and change them regularly.
    Air conditioners, heaters and air ducts use air filters. Changing them on a regular basis helps you in cleaning pollen from your home. Buy an air purifier when you can.
  3. Check pets.
    If your hair can trap pollen, so can animal hair. Bathe your pets regularly, too.
  4. Use a micro-fiber cloth.
    One secret to apartment cleaning Chicago targeting pollen is the use of a slightly moist micro-fiber cloth when dusting or wiping. This cloth can remove pollen better.

Following the above-given tips will help you tremendously in cleaning pollen from your apartment or home.

You can also hire an
apartment cleaning company in Chicago to help you stay on top of the pollen build up inside your home. But most of all, stop BEEhaving badly and return home pollen-free!

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