The Top Grill Cleaning Tips for 2017

October 06th, 2017
By Brandon Boyewsky

If you are a big fan of outdoor grilling, then you know how important it is to end your summer with a clean grill. Since summer is winding down in Chicago, it is time to clear off some time to clean up your barbeque grill. So, in order to get your grill packed up and ready for the next season, follow the below mentioned grill cleaning guide:

Oils and grease get polluted, specially in summer, and polluted oils on your grill can make the food taste bad. Also, soured oils on the bottom of the grill grates can flavor and vaporize your food. So, it is recommended to use a metal scrapper brush to eliminate the charred chicken flesh and stubborn chunks of bones. Once this is done, you can take its grates out as they too require a good scrapping.

Baking soda is also a good way for soaking oily and greasy grill accessories.

You must also check and remove all unburnt charcoal and ashes from the ash catcher and bowl. Your charcoal will then burn easier and also no burning ash will come out of your grill.

You can also use an onion and work it in a top-to-bottom direction so that all the soot falls to its bottom.

You may see surface rust while taking the cover off the grill. However, the good news is that this is preventable. At the first sign of surface rust, discoloration, or staining, it is recommended to clean the grill with a stainless steel cleaner. Furthermore, it is suggested to use cleaners like Noxon 7 to eliminate the rust followed by the use of Weber Stainless Steel Polish, in order to preserve its shine.

Your burner protectors that help to safeguard the burner mechanisms from oils and other matter that can clog them, also require proper cleaning. Luckily, they are just set in small ledges and you can easily pull them out. Once they are removed, you can use a soapy bucket and a sponge, in order to give them a good scrub. Th dirt will wash off right away and the protectors will look new and shiny.

After cleaning your grill burners, you need to move on to the grill plates beneath. They pull right out and you can clean them off with the help of a grill brush.

As you move into winter season, many of you will fire up your grills almost every day of the week. So, follow this comprehensive grill cleaning guide to keep your grill performing optimally, to prolong your grill’s life and prevent off any flavors.

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