Top Cleaning Tips To Prepare For The Summer

April 10th, 2017
By Brandon Boyewsky

Summer’s fast approaching, and many of us are, most probably, woefully unprepared. Let’s run through some tips, detailing how you can make sure you’re prepared for the summer to come.

A tidy mind means a tidy house

Let’s start from the inside. Let’s face it – the more wound up we are, the harder it is for us to take care of those all-important chores. We know that a tidy house means a tidy mind, but not all of us realize that the opposite it true. Meditate, listen to relaxing music, read a book… You’ll find it much easier to face the chores ahead of you.

Buy supplies

Often, people stock up for the winter, because it’s, “Too cold to go out”, but, in summer, we’re often too hot to go out! So do all the finicky bits now while the weather is just right! All the, “I need x amounts of this, y amounts of that”… Trust me – you’ll thank me later!

You can’t get anything clean if nothing’s tidy, so start de-cluttering now! Get rid of any of the obstacles that would stop you from getting as much cleaning done as you’d like. Every time you get up, bin something that needed binning, put a dish in the dishwasher – make a routine.


Summer is HOT, so don’t put off any long jobs, because you will not want to do them come summertime. Make a list of the most annoying jobs that you enjoy the least, and get them done ASAP. Often times doing the most difficult things first, make everything else easier to accomplish thereafter.

Call in some help

I’m talking about friends, families – let’s not be stubborn! People are often, all too happy to help us, but we’re too afraid to ask. Assemble a team, and it will make cleaning quicker, more social, and more fun!


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