What Makes Sweep Home Chicago’s Cleaning Services so Unique?

June 01st, 2016
By Brandon Boyewsky

Chicago House Cleaner IngredThe average salaried worker can spend up to one-third of their week tending to the obligations associated with their job. Additionally, a person has to sleep, eat, and care for others, which makes it feel virtually impossible to have enough time to keep their home clean. In other words, you are not at fault for having a home that is not spotless during your day-to-day life. In fact, the situation has transpired to the point that nearly two-thirds of homeowners in the United States openly admit that they would hire someone to clean their home.

Revolutionizing the industry: As a family owned business we strive to be the exception to the cleaning industry, providing exceptional house and apartment cleaning services at an affordable price point. Before a client is given a price estimate, they fill out information regarding the number of rooms in their home, the circumstances of the cleaning, whether they have the cleaning supplies already, and the number of pets in the home. This allows each client to be given a unique estimate and overall fair price.

Diversification: Flexible scheduling, guaranteed cleanliness, and unparalleled deals are the main components that make Sweep Home Chicago the true exception to many of the other cleaning services. Flexible scheduling is achieved by having you customize the exact cleaning days and times that you desire as long as the time is available. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and even bi-monthly cleaning services. Guaranteed cleanliness is ensured by our 48 hour reclean guarantee. This process promises that you will get an area recleaned if it does not meet your requirements. Lastly, there is the wide selection of deals and discounts. These include 10% off your first clean, 50% off your 10th clean and 20% off if you choose a cleaning schedule that operates bi-monthly.

Adding to the list of things that make Sweep Home unique is the fact that we offer some of the quickest response times for cleaning requests and bilingual staff members. We offer workers that speak fluent and English and Spanish. We continue to strive to make our cleaning service the best. for additional information about what makes Sweep Home unique, give our services a try this summer, and see for yourself what makes us different.

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